The Product

HealthEMe is designed and developed to be an end-to-end product supporting an individual for their Mental Health needs, prior to, during and post their clinical intervention with a care provider. It is the first evidence-based tool that is independently trialed in numerous countries for efficacy and use across the Healthcare, Academia, Pharmaceutical and Insurance industries.

Pre-Diagnosis & Self-Management


Longitudinal Trending

Medication Lists

Knowledge Resources


Transitions Pathway (Youth To Adult)




Contacts Database

Call out to 911 & Kids Help Phone

Clinical Integration

Integration Engine to any FHIR or HL7 complaint EHR or EMR

Care Plans

Secure Messaging

Care Provider Notification - Suicide Ideation

Remote CBT support - Modular Integration

Make It Yours!

Institutional White Labeling

Biometric Authentication

Institutional Medication Reconciliation - Modular Integration

Voice and Video Journaling - Modular Integration

Picture Assessments

Physical Health Criteria And Metrics

HealthEMe puts you in charge of your health; care, track and share as you see fit.

Talk to us to show you exactly how a self-monitoring, management, reporting and communications tool on mental and other chronic illnesses can be had through HealthEMe.

Clients & Partners

The Successes

Digital Health Canada
Team Collaboration Award
W3 International Award
Gold Award
Health Challenge Pitch Event
BioNova, Volta, QEII Foundation, ACOA
Top 10 Innovative Business In Canada

Take Control and Own your Health Journey!

HealtheMe supports self-monitoring along with clinical integration and interventions if needed of signs and symptoms of Mental Illnesses using evidence based research.


It is also designed to accommodate and grow to include chronic illnesses within its framework ensuring you use only one patient interface to manage health holistically.

About Us

We are Healthcare and specifically Mental Health & Addictions Administrators with over 40 years of experience in Healthcare collectively. HealthEMe works with the system as opposed to against it to support individuals where they are and our approach is to ensure individuals do not continue to deteriorate while they await for their care, without disrupting clinical workflows.


Feel free to reach out to us via the form and explore what the new method of delivering Mental Health care is.