Healthcare delivery globally is facing supply challenges from a lack of trained personnel ready to meet the growing demands of patients and their caregivers.

WeUsThem recently developed, trialed and had begun the commercialization of the imTEEN product developed primarily to deal with bottlenecks in Mental Health care. Recent interest for commercialization and investment from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Korea, Mexico and Hong Kong has identified the need for a solution that has wider implications for the delivery of care. From chronic illnesses to holistic health management pre, during and post a clinical intervention, the IP developed supports the patient and their circle of care while staying connected to emergency services and their care providers should they have one.

With an increasing interest in the IP and its possibilities across all levels of care, but specifically in primary and tertiary care, HealthEMe has been launched to manage the continued evolution of the product and its customer and investor base globally. 

“WeUsThem has been a great sandbox for us to build imTEEN in, however, with the continued interest in the product and its evolution, an entity with its own personnel to support the same was needed,” said Ashwin Kutty, President & CEO of WeUsThem.

“Our innovation has been key to our DNA at WeUsThem, however, we need to ensure there is both focus and dedicated supports in place for HealthEMe and its clients,” added Faten Alshazly, Principal and Chief Creative Officer of WeUsThem.

HealthEMe has begun recruitment for employees and has opened its first round for seed level investment in the entity.


About HealthEMe Inc.

HealthEMe is redefining how healthcare is delivered. It has developed its own IP by bringing evidenced based clinical decision making tools to the consumer in a manner that is best suited to them for chronic illnesses, with Mental Illness being the first that it is tackling. The solution supports pre, during and post care for individuals ensuring holistic supports made available to the individual when, where and how they need it the most.


About WeUsThem Inc.

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WeUsThem strives to be a recognized leader in the advancement of inclusive marketing and community practices, by influencing positive social change, and elevating underrepresented voices, through creating thoughtful and respectful content, that truly reflects the communities their clients serve.

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